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He was really terrific once. If he's close to what he was (and if he can stay healthy) he's well worth a 5th this year and a 2nd next year (paper value of this year's value of a 3rd & a 5th; we could always trade our 3rd this year for a 2nd next year, as there's almost always someone that will fall in love with one available player & bite on that).

What are the odds that we end up with a player with Sheppard's ability, who has had great success in the past against NFL talent, with a 5th this year & a 2nd next year? Less than 50/50, being generous. Now what are the odds of finding such a player and having him be that good this year? Not even 1 in 10.

If he stinks, it's a 5th this year & a 4th next year.

And he doesn't even break the bank cap-wise (unless he's great & we offer him a new contract).

Even still, I believe we'll draft a CB in case: (a) Sheppard is just a total has-been, and (B) Sheppard has a good season but wants to hold out in 2010 until we give him a $10M/yr deal, in which case we go with the guy we drafted in '09.

A lot of upside with this move & very little downside.

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Wow once Shepard Get the ball he has real nose for the end zone.

Without watching the video I believe he has a couple of 100+ yard interception returns.

He used to return punts in college. He was nasty.

The entire swamp would be going nuts, chanthing LITO, LITO, LITO!!!

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