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I like Mike Shanahan and think he is a really great coach but he has done a terrible job with Cutler. In hindsight he sent a bad message when he replaced Jake Plummer telling the young kid he was better than the veteran. Since then all he has done is tell him he has a better arm than Elway. Is the most awesome prospect he has ever seen. Is so strong his wideouts cant cach the ball. It has all gone to Cutlers head. I think Shanahan seems to treat Cutler the way the home fan treats their players (he'll get better, he's still young, he is a beast, etc...) rather than treating him like a player and getting him to realize he is part of the problem in Denver.

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I love Cutler's skillset, but I wonder if his mindset will ultimately be his undoing.

When the Jets did the Great QB Tour of 2006, the reports noted that Leinhart & Clemens tied for the best board session and Cutler had the best workout, but Mangini & Co (except for Woody who loved Cutler) was turned off by his attitude.

Note, I'm not saying that the Jets made the right or wrong decision at the time.

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I think he's one of the most overrated players in the league and always have.

Plays in a VERY QB friendly system and has incredibly good weapons, especially with Brandon Marshall. I'm not convinced he can be consistent out of a standard formation, he seems to struggle when not in the shotgun and he fumbles FAR too often. He's talented, that I've no doubt in my mind about but I just don't think he's all that yet. People talk of him as though he's John Elway II.

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from profootballtalk.com


Posted by Mike Florio: Saturday, February 28, 2009 4:22 PM

Adam Schefter of NFL Network and Vic Lombardi of CBS4 in Denver report that the Broncos have been shopping quarterback Jay Cutler.

Per both reports, the Bucs and Broncos were trying to swing a three-way deal pursuant to which Matt Cassel would have been traded from the Pats to the Broncos, Cutler would have gone from Denver to Tampa, and the Patriots would have been compensated presumably by the Buccaneers.

According to Schefter, the Lions also approached the Broncos about a trade for Cutler.

And here's where it gets interesting. Schefter's version creates the impression that the Broncos didn't initiate the talks, and merely responded to the offers presented. Vic Lombardi's version suggests that the Broncos were and are shopping the eleventh overall pick in the 2006 draft.

"I've heard the rumors," Cutler told Vic Lombardi. "I know what they're trying to do. Even though I love Denver and I'd love to remain a Bronco, I know how this business works. If they want me to play somewhere else, so be it."

Despite Cutler's generally P.C. comments, Schefter contends that Cutler was angered by the news.

There's a consensus in league circles that Cutler has plateaued after showing some improvement early in the 2008 season. He has been criticized in some circles for having a nonchalant demeanor.

The reality is that, whenever there's a new coach, there's a chance that he'll want to pick his own quarterback. Regardless of whether the Broncos initiated the trade talks, the fact that the Broncos said anything other than "hell no" suggests that new coach Josh McDaniels wants to go in a different direction.

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I would find it hard to believe they would trade a young starting QB -and have nothing to replace him with.

EXACTLY !!! They are not shopping him. This all started when Detroit contacted NE about what it would take to get Cassel. Then, apparently they called Denver and asked them if they would entertain trading Cutler for Cassel. That's how it started according to NFLN.

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If the Jets were able to land Cutler do you know what that would mean?

That's right, it would mean that Cutler would surpass Testaverde as the strongest Jets QB of all time.

Oh man that would be sweet.

lol.. well played..

But I think Namath had em both beat ;)

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