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It's not even that, it's the fact that he's the first GM on any team I've ever rooted for that runs the team the way I'd want him to, (maaaaayyyybe Minaya too, but I'll never forgive him for not forcing the Wilpons to concede on Manny). Cutler or no Cutler, the dude chases and is pretty much a player in every deal that makes sense. Can you imagine Bradway being this aggressive? Parcells even? I can't.

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The Bears come to mind. They have Orton, he sucks but he's got ****loads more experience than anyone on our roster and can be used as a game manager type. I don't think the Bears would have any issue parting with Orton if they could get Cutler.

Think about it from the Broncos perspective:

Two firsts and Orton for Cutler or two firsts and Clemens or Ratliff for Cutler.

The Broncos would want the number one pick so they could select the QB of their choice and instantly add a new face of the franchise to sell to the fans. That's a no-brainer. If the Lions want Cutler, nobody else has a shot. (Not to mention that Calvin Johnson's agent is also Buss Cook, Cutler's agent.)

And no, they couldn't go out and get any QB they wanted with the 17th overall pick on 2009 and the who knows what overall pick in 2010.

Damn, I'm good. :yes:

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