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"Who Is This Kid?" Edition of Post of the Week - April 15, 2009


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Welcome, folks, to another edition of Post of the Week (*cough*month*cough*)! I'm here as your new post of the week guy, as greenbeans retired. Whether he's to pull a Brett Favre or not I'm not sure, but for now at least you're stuck with me. Hope you enjoy the show, we got a lotta nominations to go through here...


Topic: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: PatsfanTX discusses his banning


The Nomination: "That was excellent" chadharmamoon

"This post goes into the JetNation time capsule. Brilliant concept and execution." http://www.jetnation.com/forums/member.php?u=3390

Editor's Note: Being banned must be a tough thing to go through. TX just needs a caring counselor.

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Topic: Belichick screwed over McDaniel with Cassell deal

Personally I don't understand the whole notion of Pats or Fins fan posting on a Jets board to begin with.

My guess is that THEIR boards as so rife with ridiculous homerism, lack of football knowledge, and general douchebaggery that they can't stomach it.

Please explain, seriously. I don't get it.

The Nomination: "I nominate you!" rillo

Editor's Note: I know some of them dislike their own boards. I think the major thing is they welcome opposing opinions. That's the same reason why I don't mind them. They can stay, hopefully.

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Topic: Belichick screwed over McDaniel with Cassell deal

PFSIKH and Garb go way back to a site called Jets haters where Sean Deegan trolled about 11 years ago. he invited them to a new site called JI. All of them were invited here in Feb 2005 when this site was launched. I like having opposing fans view points here. the Dolphins fans are pretty much trolls though.

The Nomination: "Word on Phins trolls. ;)" PFSIKH

Editor's Note: Look at BP that accommodating fellow! They're all cool in my eyes. :lol:

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Topic: Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine were in Bart Scott's Driveway at 12:15 am

<burring, burring>


"Ray? It's Rex."

"Hey Rex. What's good?"

"You're good Ray, but not as good as Bart so we're outside his house right now about to make him RICH BEEOTCH!"


The Nomination: "burring burring< lol> hello? yeah joe w here. you got nommed beeyotch" joewilly

Editor's Note: Turns out he did get nommed, about a month later. :)

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Topic: The Recession Has Hit JetNation

Times are tough. Nobody wants to be in this situation but the reality is we all have to make sacrifices. I regret to inform you that 30% of the moderator staff has to be let go. We can no longer afford their salary and fringe benefits. It is also with deep regret that I tell you 20% of the posters here will have to go as well.

We are going to phase this in. You will soon receive a packet in the mail offering you several options:

  • Early retirement (for any poster with more than 10 years of internet service. You will be paid one week's vcash for every posting year)
  • Job sharing (we can combine accounts and make for more efficient posting. For example Madmike could be combined with CrashingJet and they can just argue in a more fiscally conservative manner which would utilize less resources).
  • Flex time\part time posting. (We are a victim of our own success here, so by streamlining our hours of operation we can serve you better. During the off-season we will be closed on Sundays starting in May).

I ask you to consider these options carefully before deciding which one you take. Hopefully we can reduce headcount through these voluntary actions and just move forward as a site. Otherwise, there will be poster layoffs.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Hopefully things bounce back in 2010 and we can let everyone post here at will again. Until such time, kindly (and quietly) go screw yourself.

Warmest Regards,

JetNation.com (the site that will care again in 2010)

The Nomination: "Peace be with you?" Jets Voice of Reason

"srlsy." uart

"****ing hilarious!" Lurker

Editor's Note: And here I am thinking that JetNation was the best growth industry out there. Crap.

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Topic: How can I make $$$ off my message board???

Its a good thing I only act on info. that is independently verifiable from at least two different sources!

You are missing out on a valuable post-count driving resource in excluding us.

I could be like the Tx. of your site; hates fishing, yet spends all his time there, with teh fishermans yelling posts back at him/me and you.

"Fish, please ban this tool, why is he even here", like that....

Then I go "you fishermans are all delusional, how did that last snapper rig work out for you?:rolleyes:"

and stuff like that.

The Nomination: "32green about my fishing message board...I LOL'd big time" Fishooked

Editor's Note: You've got a noodle rod.

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Topic: Which JetNation Logo Do You Like More?


The Nomination: "war ensemble is golden" Jets Babe

"HAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!" Sperm Edwards

"Bwahaha" Green DNA

"My belated birthday present to Beans. I'll bet he blushes.

Oh, and WE, that was very funny, but you're grounded. " Lady Jet

Editor's Note: Haha! Looks like I steal Greenbeans' belated birthday present for myself. It's nice to see that my computer classes have finally had some use. :)

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Topic: “The investment-banking industry is f___ked,”

I don't want to brag. But when things were good I was truly a man of vision. I put my entire life savings into Jetnation.


Because it is the ultimate growth industry that will never see an end. The Jets, WILL ALWAYS, give us something to bitch about.

The Nomination: "The jets and now jetnation are now a growth industry? The US is truly in trouble now." drago

Editor's Note: The US economy should be rebuilt around the JN model of statehood. Or something like that. Max for president?

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Topic: Jet Nation Friend Request Thingy

I have a first cousin in Europe who I have never met and who I chat with online a couple of times a month. Is he my real cousin or is he an internet cousin? If he is not my real cousin does he suddenly become that over the summer when he visits and stays at my house?

The Nomination: "great post!" Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: barb_high-horse.jpg

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Runner-up of the Week Sponsored by The Government Takeover of JN, bailing us out of all our worries!

Topic: Money Ball -- By Tyson Rauch

ok dude, when you drive out the back of the stadium after the game, did you ever see the helicopter taking off shuffling woody off to wherever. Maybe if you sold off the chopper the money saved in maintaining and flying it and the money from selling it would pay these people's salaries. Look, I am a business owner, I get wanting to own your own business so you can make what you want and run things how you want. I also believe that the owner gets to run his business how he sees fit. But, when you are as rich as he is, spend as much moeny superfuiosly as he does, then decide to save a few bucks by squeezing the low level people knowing they have to take it because they can't get work anywhere else, I think that is a crime. Normally I would say everyone has the right to quit and work elsewhere, but right now the economy is in a special situation, and honestly, not paying people only makes it worse for the economy, less money in people's pocket to spend on stuff and increased job security anxiety.

Also, I get having to spend on players, but does spending money on the stadium do anything to help the product on the field? Last I checked, the jets were sold out for years with a 10,000 strong wait list. The only real reason Woody is spending money on a stadium is to increase his bottom line with more concessions, and everyone knows it. Punishing the fans by making them pay for Woody's ability to milk more money out of fans on gameday really sucks. I have an ecommerce website, imagine if I spent 20,000 on making it better with more features to capture sales, then went and added a 10.00 surcharge to every order to pay for my upgrades. How much business do you think I would get? So woody goes and cries about stadium costs and having to trim the budget by making the average employee take 2 weeks off, knowing they have no choice but to eat the sh#t sandwich he is serving because unemployment is at an all time high, while also knowing that he is making just as much this year as he did last year and was able to pay people.

Yeah, this is a woody witch hunt.

The Nomination: "POTW Nom and the winner in my book." Max

Editor's Note: The whole scenario reminds me of The Grapes of Wrath, which I just read today. The big man running business to increase his bottom line at the expense of the common man, who is forced to accept these layoffs/furloughs, etc. It's a bad situation made worse by the recession. Sorry for the long reply. This post gets my Runner-up of the Week for bringing up a ton of valid points. Congrats, Joe. ;)

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Topic: looks like Coles did all right for himself..

In this instance that's absolutely not the case, and I think that's where the problem comes in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not huge Coles hater or anything and don't get overly hung up on it. I just usually don't think about it. But when taking a minute to step back and look at it, I can understand the frustration. The team wanted to keep him, but he ran off for more money. Fine, I get that given the circumstances of the situation. The Jets obviously felt highly of him, and traded to get him back. Not only that, out of nothing more but good faith, they signed him to a brand new deal with a new signing bonus. This is a guy who was only 2 years into the big deal that he got that caused him to bolt from the team in the first place. Hell, after that trade Coles had what, 5 years still left on that Redskins deal, with no guaranteed money to worry about? In hindsight, the Jets probably should've told Coles to take his new contract demands and shove them where the sun don't shine.

So he gets his new deal anyway, and he gets a few years into the deal and suddenly he decides he feels like he's not getting treated fairly enough. A guy who was given an extra signing bonus that he was by no means entitled to, started complaining about his contract. Meanwhile, this just as he was getting older and starting to shown signs of age and wear. But rather than the Jets asking him to renegotiate, he was demanding more money. But what do the Jets do? They appease him by guaranteeing the last two years of the deal in which they gave him additional up front money they didn't have to. He takes that, although making it quite clear that he doesn't like it, and comes back a year later and gets the Jets to let him opt out of the contract.

You know what, if the guy can get away with it then good for him, but it doesn't change the facts. And those facts are what get people annoyed by and what make him think he's kind of a douche. There's a lot of people out there who get away with a lot of douchey stuff, doesn't change what they've done. These same kind of people exist in essentially every company with every type of job all over the place and often annoy people just the same as Coles does. The only difference is Coles is a celebrity, so it becomes a discussion topic. But lets not try to take this moral stand for the guy. Sure every NFL team has their own share of dirty deeds they've done, the Jets included, but this team has been nothing but great to Coles and not once has he ever shown that same level of commitment towards them. That's why people get pissed.

The Nomination: "You just got bumped off Coles' Christmas list." Sperm Edwards

Editor's Note: What a nightmare--good riddance to Coles. Now we can bask in the glory of our #1 guy, David Clowney!

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Topic: This is kinda personal but I need help with some stuff


I can give you some advice/insight from a Michigan perspective, so keep that in my mind. I obviously cannot speak for other states when it comes to forfeiture/seizure laws.

Given the fact that it's being forfeited, I already have a general idea as to what he was arrested for. First of all, let me say I'm sorry you're going through this.

I know what you mean about ownership. I was in high school and college once and even though it was my Jeep, it was in my Dad's name for insurance reasons.

Anyways, regardless of the fact it's "your" car, if it's in your parents' name then it's legally their car as far as the law is concerned, so you won't be able to argue that the forfeiture is improper.

Typically when a car is forfeited, again at least here in Michigan, we have to serve the owner with an Intent to Forfeit notice (usually done so at the time of the arrest) and he/she gets a copy of the notice. Once served, the owner has 10 days (I think) to appeal the forfeiture proceedings and upon doing so, must post a bond on the vehicle in question. The matter is then scheduled for a hearing between owner and the prosecutor and if they can't (or won't) work out a deal, a hearing can be requested by the owner. 9 times out of 10 in my city, the city attorney will let the owner "buy the car back" for an agreed upon sum, usually $1000-$4000 depending on the type, year and condition of car, etc. (Yes, you're paying for your own car back......the irony) If they're a real prick, then they won't play ball and you'll have to get legal help to fight for it back...placing you into that whole debate of cost of getting it back vs. is it really worth that much?

As for your property inside it, that's BS if they won't allow you to at least, retrueve the personal affects/contents from the interior. I would call the police department that impounded it and ask them. Might want to ask for a supervisor when you call and politely explain the situation and ask if you can get your stuff.

My questions for you are:

1) Is the vehicle a lease or is there still a lien holder (Loan holder) on the title? If so (In MI) you can't seize the car since the offender doesn't technically own it.

2) Was your Dad or Mom (most likely Dad) served with a Notice to Forfeit? (again, keep the fact that I'm speaking for Michigan in mind) If so, how long ago was it? If he was served weeks ago and your parents never responded to it, you might be well beyond the response time and defaulted, i.e. screwed.

It's a hard fight to win man, not going to lie. You said your check has been in there for a month....which tells me that you might be beyond the response window. Worst case, find out when the next auction is and bid for your car back.

I'll check this when I can. I'm in FL on vacation so my net time is limited. Good Luck.

The Nomination: "An eloquent and, more importantly, thoughtful post. (I know, I'm as surprised as anyone. :)) Especially coming from a police officer, I'm sure Kudos appreciated the inside perspective and guidance." Borgoguy

Editor's Note: Some solid advice in here, I hope it helped.

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Topic: would MLB be better if it was only 20 teams?

Weird, that with only one team, that team still wouldn't make the playoffs...

Strange sport.

The Nomination: ":rl: And that 'one' team finished 3rd. :rl: Awesome post." PFSIKH

Editor's Note: One team to rule them all, one team to find them, one team to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. (No?)

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Topic: Who else is with me on the Bret Ratliff Bandwagon??1?!?!

If it were an argument as to why he couldn't be good, then yes, you'd be right.

Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, you've missed the boat completely.

The point is that the hype for him is completely unmerited. The guy threw a few nice deep balls in preseason and not a thing more.

There's absolutely nothing, besides blind hope, to think that he's anything more than the UDFA from Utah (if you're going to knock Sanchez for his competition, I don't think it was much worse than Ratliff's in college) who led his team to an impressive win over Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl in 2006. Ooooooooooooooooooooh.

There's really no one, outside of Jets Fans, who even know who he is, and yet some of these very Jets Fans expect him to be a franchise QB. Could it happen? Of course. Is there any reason to believe it will besides being a homer? Unfortunately no.

The Nomination: "So true." war ensemble

Editor's Note: You just gotta believe! :lol:

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Topic: Cutler

You failed to mention his 57 TD's in his first 37 games, but that's understandable. He's way off the mark from crappola Peyton Manning, who had 57 TD's in his first 36 games.

Manning, by the way, started out 3-13 with an NFL-leading 28 interceptions in his first 16 games. The Colts were fools to not cut bait at that time. Fools, I tell you.

Troy Aikman's first 3 seasons (38 games):

31 TD's

46 interceptions (that's 9 more than Cutler despite attempting 165 fewer passes)

14-24 record

Clearly, Dallas should have gone with Steve Walsh.

Steve Young's first couple of seasons with Tampa Bay (19 games):

11 TD's

21 INT"s

3-16 record

The Bucs were right to get rid of him. Vinny was simply the awesomist after they traded Young away.

If Cutler is available to us (which he probably isn't), we go get him. Our next two firsts and any QB's they want from our roster - I would do that in my sleep.

I simply do not understand your disdain for this player. We don't even have to go through those first 2-3 years' growing pains with a new NFL QB. Denver already took care of that. He's not the best QB in the NFL. But he's plenty good & is a sure thing who is likely only going to get better. Right now we have two enormous question-marks and people want to draft another one even rawer the two we have.

Frankly, we should have taken him when we had the chance. Now that we (potentially) get a 2nd chance on an error in drafting judgment people are advocating keeping Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff, Erik Ainge and/or drafting Mark Sanchez who (with some luck) is 3 years away from being a solid NFL starter?

Young, NFL-ready franchise QB's don't grow on trees. Suddenly, one actually is. And people are still saying, "Meh. No thanks."


The Nomination: "Great post!" justincredible

Editor's Note: It's going to be a nice season of seeing what could've been.

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Topic: Marvez; "If Defense Truly Wins Championships, Look Out For The NY Jets"

yeah as in......."the jett chances of going to the superbowl i9n 2009 are even less than my chances of having butt sex with megan fox".

The Nomination: "haha, so true." Jets Babe

Editor's Note: Pretty much. Although both would be pretty awesome, if I might say so myself.

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