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NHL-Not Healthy Ledgersheet


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Bettman sucks!

NHL in turmoil

Gary Bettman would have you believe all is well, but history says contraction may help


Last Updated: 3rd February 2009, 10:48am

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman continues to paint a rosy picture of the league

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Kansas City built a new arena and is looking for an NHL or NBA team. One of these teams will probably end up there. Even though I don't like them I would hate it if the Islanders left. It would destroy one of the great rivalries in the league.

Rapid expansion really hurt the NHL. It watered down the league and put teams in cities with no real connection to the game. Tampa? Miami? Atlanta? Nashville? Contraction, though embarassing at first, would make the NHL better in the long run.

Bettman does suck.

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