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" Lots of dollars, not much sense in some early deals " ~ ~ ~


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Posted about 13 hours ago

Lots of dollars, not much sense in some early deals

By Vic Carucci | NFL.com - Senior Columnist

Some of what has transpired since the NFL's free-agency period began three days ago makes perfect sense.

Bart Scott to the New York Jets comes to mind. He's the most critical piece to Rex Ryan's Raven-ization of the Jets' defense. Ryan expects to win as head coach in New York the same way he did as defensive coordinator in Baltimore -- with a dominant, play-making defense complementing an efficient, power-oriented offense. So the reported six-year, $48-million contract for Scott was money well spent because it's a perfect fit between a highly talented player and a coach with a scheme he has known his whole career.

As for some of the other moves during this frenzy of signings, trades, and proposed trades

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