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best/fave comedians - clips


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Anything from Mitch Hedberg. May he rest in piece. Terrible loss. I would you-tube something but I honestly don't know how. It's worth a look though.

One of the greatest.



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I like Seinfeld most overall for his work ethic and dedication to the craft. He's not the funniest though, because he has to appeal now to such huge crowds that his material is too watered down. A joke that has to work for both an old lady and a goth kid isn't going to be very good.

My personal favorite "performance guy" is Heywood Banks. His best stuff must be seen live, but a couple songs he's known for follow (kinda ho-hum but it's the only thing on youtube):

Toast - probably his best-known bit, but he has way funnier stuff.


Big Butter Jesus - same comments as above.


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