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Dolphags interested in Nicks


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The Dolphins are expected to target the wide receiver position early in this year's draft.

The Dolphins, who pick 18th overall, are reportedly "intrigued by -- and have spent a lot of time with -- North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks." They're also believed to be interested in Kenny Britt, Brian Robiskie and Louis Murphy after the first round.

Source: Miami Herald

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Firstly, the dolphins are positioned 7 picks later at #25, so there's a solid chance Nicks isn't there. Also, I think he would be a great fit with them considering he would be a heck of a compliment to Teddy Ginn and Devon Bess.

Shouldn't give us any problems if we are interested in Nicks considering they pick after us, but thought it was interesting.

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There is so much WR talk out there right now.

How many are going 1st round?







6 potential 1st rounders? Could that happen?

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