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SJ Reviews: 'Two Lovers'...Intense soul searching character play (3 1/2)


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Joaquin Phoenix turns in a deep soul searching performance in what will most certainly garner a Best Actor nomination for next years Oscars. Dont be surprised to see Paltrow get one also. The cast, Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow, Vinessa Shaw, Isabella Rossellini, Gwyneth is stellar. This flick plays like a Broadway play and it keeps you riveted throughout.

The premise without giving too much away:

Phoenix is a late 20 , early 30's son just recently moved back in to his Brooklyn parents home. Its not a spoiler to say he has had depression problems as in 1st 5 minutes he 'fails 'on yet another clumbsy suicide attempt. His troubles get explained early, but I wont say.

His parents set him up with a daughter of a business associate of his Dads. The families are happy as they are both Jewish and both searching.

Enter foxy Paltrow and her fast lane lifestyle and neediness.

This therefore is the movie, his reticence and inner turmoil that meld with his own non romantic demons.

Its a wonderfully crafted flick that shows the feather light balance of happiness, warmness, sadness and abandonement,

If you like character studies and you like Broadway-like drama movies, this is your ticket.

The acting is unparalled and the movie has pieces that we all can relate to in some form whether via ourselves, family or close friends.


3 1/2 stars_002.gif's

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