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SJ Reviews: 'Watchmen'..Long, character driven morality play (3)


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Tough movie to review. Its opening 15 minutes are amongst the finest I have seen in many many years. A terrific soul crunching look at a 'different' earths past and future set to great great music. Do not get to theater late.

First off, its long I.. 2 hr 43 minutes ,,just a warning...

I give this flick kudos for originality (well the comic book i mean) and it sure odoes do alot of soul searching of vigilanteeism vs too much government control.

It gets lost a tad with the evil scientist theme for a bit but comes back around in end.

Quickly encapsulating, a group of masked heros form 1940s that protected US streets from thugs grow to a group protecting humanity when one of them becomes a Superman via accident. The Supeman, Dr. Manhattan, wins the Vietnam war for Nixon and all history is changed as we know it due to this, like Nixon still in office in 1985.

Then over time they become 'out of fashion' per say and we are left in 1985 with a few of them still alive and under attack from a unkown assaliant. There is a huge nuclear Russia vs US threat going on and the world is close to annihialtion, and Dr. Manhattan seems dis-interested as his metamorpisis is becoming more spiritual then human.

The Watchmen are voices that is probably ourselves thinking the truth we dont want to admit too...Interesting self analysis theme throughout flick.

3 1/2 stars_002.gif's

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