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ProBoards coding help?


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Does anyone here know anything regarding coding for certain things on Proboards, in either javascript or html?

I'm trying to locate code for a table to add, with some affiliates I've partnered up with recently.

Ive found a few, but they they are all for other board affiliates, and I need something a little larger..

If anyone has any Proboards experience, let me know...I've spent hours Googling and come up with crap.

Ive found out that I cant add any outside advertising, unless I got 'ad-free; on Proboards, which Im planning on doing.

Basically once that's done, I need a basic table to display my affiliate links Ive partnered up with...html is fine, but I don't have a clue.

Also, wheres the cheapest place I can simply buy a domain name? Does it really matter where I buy it?

Basically I was going to buy a domain name, and then use that home page as a 'redirect' to my proboards site...does that make any sense?

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