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Switching Dustin Keller to WR?


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Where is the creativity? The kid is a flop at TE... He just can't block...

He would be a GREAT slot receiver and has the athleticism to do to so. Could you imagine a CB lining up against him?????

Think outside the bun people..

Making Keller a WR isn't creative, that's like having Kevin Garnett play shooting guard just to be creative.

Creative is using Keller, as a TE, a special TE, one that can line up in the slot or tight against the line, one that can cause total confusion for the defense.

Of course his run blocking should improve, but right now he is an anomaly, he's our 6'9" point guard.

Call him by any name, I call his position "confuse the f$#k out of the defense" and it's Schotty's job every week to find mismatches for this kid.

Right now it's obvious we will be a running team, so as soon as they put 8 in the box, is when we let Keller bump and fly, while Richardson picks up his man, next thing you know Keller running over a sfety to the endzone.

No need to switch Keller's position he play a position name "mismatch"

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1) Even while being listed as a Tight End, Keller sees plenty of time in the slot or even out wide already. A full-time move is not necessary in order to use him in the way you're thinking.

2) I might be the only one, but I don't think Keller was a completely awful blocker last year. He still needs work, but many young Recieving TE's are underdeveloped on the blocking aspect and it takes a couple years for them to learn it in the pros. Jeremy Shockey used to be regarded as an awful blocker and now he's very good at it.

3) As pointed out, Keller is an excellent athlete for a Tight End......but he would have slightly below-average speed for a full time WR. A 4.55 40 time for a Wide Receiver is not very impressive. Of course, you'd be hard pressed to find many 6'2, 248 pound WR's so it may not matter. For someone who isn't much of a route runner (At least IMO) and has dropped more then a couple passes, it's a small concern.

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No don't move Keller to WR. He's only 24, he has all the tools he needs to be a great blocker so teach him. Put him on the line as TE. If the defense doesn't respect his speed, you can send him on a go route, if they don't respect his blocking, run off tackle. If he can learn how to block, guaranteed mismatch every time.

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