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I'm just taking an initial stab at it. i'll refine it, edit it and change it as the draft process moves along and my board changes.


1- DET- Aaron Curry LB Wake Forrest (I dont have staford that high on my board so Lions will be happy with a playmaker like curry)

2- STL - Jason Smith OT Baylor (For now this pick will do but Eugene Monroe is climbing up the boards fast)

3- KC - Eugene Monroe OT Virginia (They just got their franchise QB, now they need to protect his blind side)

4- SEA - BJ Raji DT B.C. (I was tempted to take an OT here but they desparately need some DL help, i might change my mind later)

5- CLE - Brian Orakpo DE/OLB TEXAS (Browns need a pass rusher badly)

6- CIN - Malcolm Jenkins CB OHIO STATE (i wouldn't be surprised if cinci reaches for Ray maleluga here, they desparately need LB help but if they are smart they will pick Jenkins)

7- OAK - Micheal Oher OT Missi (Knowing Al Davis he will pick Measurables over everything and micheal Oher who is 6-5 309 fits the mold)

8- JAX - Micheal Crabtree WR T.Tech (He is too much of a value to pass up)

9- GB - Everette Brown DE/OLB F.S.U. (GB wants to switch to 3-4 and Everette Brown can help)

10- SF - Matthew Stafford QB Georgia (I dont know if 49ers are brave enough to take another shot at drafting a franchise QB after the Alex smith Failiure but for now they get Matt)

11- BUF - Jeremy Macklin WR Missouri ( TO is a one year Deal and they need a WR for the future)

12- DEN - Tyson Jackson DE/DT L.S.U. (assuming that jay cutler and JM patch things up)

13- WAS - Brian Cushing OLB U.S.C. (Just a perfect fit here)

14- NO - Clay Matthews OLB U.S.C. (They just signed Vilma to secure the middle/ Clay will be an immediate starter next to vilma)

15- HOU - Vontae Davis CB Illinois (Vontae will come in and improve that Pass defense right away)

16- SD - Rey Maualuga ILB U.S.C. (BPA)

17- NYJ - Mark Sanchez QB U.S.C. (Knowshon sounds good here too but we have 2 probowl RBs but no QB. Kellen, Ratty and Erik could turn out great but there is a chance that we dont have a franchise QB on the roster and Mark sanchez can fill the void)

18- CHI - Peria Jerry DT Ole Miss (Great 4-3 DT, he will start right away next to Tommy Harris instantly upgrading the bears defense)

19- TB - Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia (they can pick josh freeman too but they can't pass up on a talent like moreno)

20- DET(DAL) - Josh Freeman QB Kansas St (Freeman is rising up the charts, he went from a mid 2nd round pick to 20th overall, luck works in Det's favor for a change)

21- PHI - Andre Smith OT Alabama (Andy Ried loves the big uglys, and Donovan is injury prone, NFC east is filled with great pass rushers and Andre Smith is a beast)

22- MIN - Alex Mack C Cal. (Matt Birk is gone and Alex Mack is the Best center available, Adrian peterson will apreciate this pick)

23- NE - Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St (Ben Watson is a bust, NE needs LBers but belly wont pass on this monster)

24- ATL - Max Unger C Oregon (McClure is getting old but Ryan is a young QB, Max and Ryan can grow old together)

25- MIA - D.J. Moore CB Vandy (i like alphonso smith better but alphoso is only 5-8 and parcell likes big CBs)

26- BAL - Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forrest (Chris Mcalister is gone, Ivy left and now role is rolling out/ i have a feeling that ravens would be picking DBs early)

27- IND - Evander Hood DT Missouri (BPA)

28- PHI(CAR) - Kenny Britt WR Rutgers (Iggles will pick a WR here, i have Kenny Britt higher but Percy harvin, heyward and Hakeem Nicks are not far behind)

29- NYG - Hakeem Nicks WR NC (Plax is unreliable and toomer is getting old)

30- TEN - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland (Tennessee needs a down the field threat to stretch the field and Darrius is Fast)

31- ARI - Chris Wells RB Ohio State (Too Much Value here, they can pick percy harvin here too but wells can play)

32- PIT - Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State (The Most polished route runner in this Draft he is tall and Big Ben will love throwing to him)

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Ur 1st pick is done now considering the lions just got Julian Peterson. but imo Curry is easily best player in draft also your 4th pick bc redding is now a seahawk

julian peterson is an OLB, curry can play inside and outside. this is just a first stab at this i'll make more changes as we move along though

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julian peterson is an OLB, curry can play inside and outside. this is just a first stab at this i'll make more changes as we move along though

For some reason i was thinking peterson was inside maybe i was thinking of mike.. my bad

But yea peterson,curry,sims thats a beast linebacker core

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