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Let me start with our needs

everyone is so gaga over our RexRyan Defense, including me, that we don't see:

1. We have NO TE's even on the roster, we have a wr/TE and a long snapper. Better start piling in some blocking TE's soon or TJ won't do what he did last year, which segways to point two

2. We have the AFC's leading rusher, but it was his best season ever, he is really just a 30 year old average RB. I pray he found something, but he's no Curtis Martin. It's 50/50 that he has a good season, looking at his career, he's due for an average year, especially with noone blocking the corners. Leon is obviously not a real RB, so that leaves NOTHING.

Pray for 08 TJ, but we need a bruiser, huge need.

3. No QB, surprise.

4. No WR's, got ya again.

We did the work needed to give REX his top five D, nice pickup at DE, BUT.........



WR's,RB's,Blocking TE's,grab a stud with the fantastic 4 pick!Best offensive player available. lol

oh yeah, for bumping around November:

Ratliff will be a star.

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I take it you're not exactly a glass half full kind of guy are ya??? ;)

I love Cmart as much as the next guy, but TJ is exactly like him. He's a one-cut, downhill type of runner who is good at following his blockers and for getting 2-3 yards every carry. He's not someone who is going to carry the pile, lower his shoulder and run the defender over or break his ankles, however he's more than serviceable.

I am not sure why you say obviously leon isn't a true RB, there's nothing that has lead me to think otherwise. When he carried the ball for the majority of the time his rookie year, he was extremely successfull; he's only gotten better since than.

I understand that we need a blocking TE, but there is still the draft and all the post draft shake up. The same thing goes for QB and WR. You've made a bunch of these posts or threads saying that we need these 3 items, but the status quo hasn't changed. No extra TEs, WRs or QBs have been tossed into the market, so our situation remains stagnant. I will full support this post if the season were to start as of yet, but you need to give it time, because if not, you'll be asking the same thing for the next month or so, only to be dissapointed.

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