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So tomorrow... ~ GO Michigan!!! (I don't care if I have Oklahoma in the Sweet 16, I have to cheer for my school) ~ Go Gonzaga ~ Go UNC ~ Go Syracuse

Maybe "Coach K" should have concentrated on coaching his players instead of worrying about who Pres. Obama picked.

You dont have to apply when yo uare taking a step down What do you call a Italian who marries a Polish person? A social climber

Next up for us: Oklahoma.

We beat Duke & UCLA for a reason, that was no flash in the pan.

Bring it on Sooners. :box:

just had to get that POS Dookie out of Michigan as Head coach ;)

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LSU must be killing you huh? :lol:

Gotta admit I had a good upset pick there... that game was close...

We will not speak of the LSU game!

Other than that Im kicking ass.


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Pitt didnt even look like they wanted to be there.

thats PItts NCAA history though,,big expectations, horrific NCAA shwoing,,I expected more this year however,,BUT,, sometimes a early scare can wake a Big Dog up

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