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Mangini Era--The Curse of Elmo?


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It was February 2007 when the below segment was filled for Sesame Street.

The Jets were coming off a 10-6 season, comeback player of the year Chad Pennington had beat the odds and came back from 2 shoulder surgeries to lead the Jets to the playoffs. Coles had is main-man Chad back and the Jets had the Australian rules football sensation as their punter. Mangini was also given the moniker Mangenius. Everything look right with the world, until ...


In less than 2 years all four of those who appeared in the segment were gone.

There's the Curse of the Bambino & Billy Goat. There's the Madden & SI cover jinx, but none have been as proficiently ruthless as the Curse of Elmo.

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What about the goldfish? Is he still around? or did Elmo have him whacked

Nah, Dorothy is still around. She's Elmo's pet. The fish was the one who problem did Elmo's bidding and put on the curse.

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