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YouTube AD Mistake


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So I use "Speed Dial" in FireFox... basically keeps a bunch of snapshots of your favorite websites as your main page and you click where you want to go...

So I open up Firefox today and much to my surprise I see in the YouTube window that it has taken a screen shot showing an ad that the new movie Fast and Furious is now in theaters...

Talk about a buzzkill... what a tease... funny it must not have been up long but my program managed to snap a screen shot of it right when it was up...

Here is the evidence... :lol:


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I'm sure that movies is going to be horrible but eff it. They got Vin Diesel back so I'm going to check it out.

Yeah I am going to go see it simply because the cast is back.. .which is exactly what they want us to do... but oh well...

I mean I knew it wasnt out yet... and on a Thursday no less... but when I saw that ti was still one hell of a tease...

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