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SJ Reviews: 'The Class'..starts SLOW, picks up and keeps interest (3)


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The Class, a French movie detailingf a year in the lives of a Paris school teacher and his 14 year old students. This is not a documantary as some have belived. He is thier French teacher and supervisor so we to see paernet/teacher conferences, trips to Pricipal, classroom diuscipline issues etc.

Its main theme is how individual students and thier issues/needs, sometimes get pidgeon holed into the accepted administrative regime. It works for 90% , but some get lost in teh shuffle.

I must say, this wa sthe WORST flick I ever saw for first 20 minutes or so. Endless droning in classroom over a grammar lesson. My wife leaned over to me and whispered, 'please let me hear the recess bell'..

BUT, it picke dup and gained steam, and the 1st 20 minutes droning wa sactually needed to serve the films intent to show what teachers go through.

I am sure teacher swill love this film, but it may also hit to close to home for osme of them.

I liked, it, but not to the extent of some of the reviewers,,but I did like it.

3 stars_002.gif's

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