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Hernandez closing in on fifth rotation spot for Mets


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compared to garcia yesterday he was an ace. but tbh im not as worried about our 5th starter right now as i am about John Maine. i hope he can figure his **** out. cause we need him to be the john maine of 2 years ago.

I was hoping Garcia was gonna step it up this spring but he looks like a BP pitcher. Ugh !

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Well Manuel announced Livan officially yesterday. No big deal using him as a NL 5th starter. Hopefully Garcia will continue to work to regain his form in either extended spring or AAA.

Ollie bounced back last night while Murphy continued hitting rockets all over the park Homering to Right Center no less and just missing two other bombs.

Possibly Murphy knowing he has been named the #2 hitter will look to pull the ball a bit more. Keith Hernandez again called him eventually the Mets #3 hitter for years to come. A Reyes-Murphy-Wright-Delgado-Beltran top 5 of the order should score with anyone. The bottom of the order will be NL style weak although Castillo IMO has a good year in him.

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