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'Warriors', With Green Beret Terry Schappert


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I don't know who he his (and I'll never look it up), but 'Green Beret' was enough to entice me. I hate 'reality' TV, but this one has a new premise. This is the second episode that I've seen. I would never tussle with this felller on a good day. He learns the ancient weapons of the land/warfare and then shows us how it's done. Mano a mano, HOLY CRAP. "So, I go over the shield and stab you in the neck?" "So, I wield this wooden bat and bash in your skull?" Etc.

The first one I saw was about the Maya and he got a big gash on his calf. A gaffe while he was swinging around a weapon. Haha, he got sutures and kept talking. A butterfly? Something. Awesome.

EDIT: Spears were falling from the sky!

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I heard he works for St. Judes in his spare time.
Well, that would be a nice thing. One can only hope that he wouldn't use up everyone's donation to the place wasting reams of paper to tell us about it. Repeatedly.

I heard he hates Abraham Lincoln and monkeys.
But he can also knock or sock their blocks off like this! Or like this! Or this!
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