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Name a singer/song writer who is/was a genius.


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Chuck Berry. Insane lyricist and guitar player. Rappers today have nothing on this guy's flow.

If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry"

---John Lennon

Good point. Lennon was a big fan of Chuck. Todays musicians tend to rely too much on technology. If you listen to Kanye West w/o the synthesizers he sucks. Thats just one example.

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Syd Barrett

-People may disagree but I've been studying this guy for the last 5 years and I believe he was a genius.

I'd like to say Hendrix too as a songwriter. Sure he was a great guitar player but man, the guy wrote songs in every genre and they're all great. If you've actually listened to any of his albums all the way through you'd probably agree.

Also, John Phillips from the Mamas and Papas. He wrote plenty of insanely great songs.

I think Peter Green was a genius too. Geniuses seemed to get the most messed up from the acid. Syd, Lennon, Green. All guys who got ****ed up from acid whether it be Autism/Schizophrenia type of illness like in Syd or Peter Green's case, or depression like in John's case. Lennon tripped over 4,000 times. Maybe that's why all the hippies got into the harder drugs.. the acid made them depressed and they turned to coke and the other stupid **** to make them feel better.

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As people of my generation may say, Word.

I'm trying to think of people who, if you play any instruments or sing, you think: I cannot even comprehend this person's genius. Even if it's a type of music that isn't your taste.

Tupac the musical genius, lol. Check this girl out. Blind, 5 years old, never had a piano lesson & then sat down & started playing one day at age 3.



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