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Unlimited Rep Ability


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I think I have earned this right. Since the thieving of negative rep I believe JN owes me something here. I mean Neg rep was my bread and butter it was my "hey, Chad Pennington sucks, and now you know this because i gave you neg rep" tool.

Now I have been getting some great advice in the soup thread but i can't give borgo and the rest anymore rep? Come on max! Step up to the plate and dole out some "unlimited rep abilities" to the posters that truly carry your flag of Gay-dom.

Gimmie gimmie!


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or that!

I can't imagine you using neg rep though GG...you are all sunshine and rainbows i thought?

LOL! i never used negative rep.. or if i did, maybe once..

BUT i am sure there are a bunch of people who would use it on me ;)

and yes.. sunshine, rainbow,.. dont forget kittens and unicorns! :P

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You'll get nothing and like it.

thor, if i thought you had the ability to give UNLIMITED REPUTATION i would have addressed you personally. You are just another of max's sex toys. Which is cool but that is where your power ends...although, the under side of max's colon is a pretty potent thing...


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