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New News About Training Camp


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NY Jets considering SUNY Cortland as practice venue

Cortland (WSYR-TV / AP) - The city of Cortland may soon be hosting some very high-profile visitors.

The New York Jets are scoping out the SUNY Cortland campus as a possible place to hold their practice camp.

The school tells us that team representatives met with campus officials last week; city representatives and businesses are hoping the Jets will come, and provide a boost to the city

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So what will they do with the Florham park facility? And.. um.. didn't they think of all this stuff BEFORE spending $75mil on it?? :chas:

The can still practice and train at the Florham Park facility during the season and in the offseason. This will only be for the July camp. They will probably break camp and come back to Jersey at some point during the process.....that's how the Giants do it with SUNY Albany.

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What I don't understand is why Ryan is saying that he wants to take the team

away from NY?NJ because of the crowds and yet the Mayor of Cortland says

he is envisioning thousands of people coming to see them practice.

This is just a bunch of BS.

Its more of a team building excersize than because of the crowds. Players, instead of going home after TC meeting/practices/workouts, will now be returning to a dorm room they share with a fellow teammate. They will be living in the same dorm as the rest of their team. There are not nearly as many outside distractions in the cities of Cortland or Ithaca in mid July as their are in the NY/NJ Metropolitan area. For all the above reason, moving camp makes sense.

Furthermore, the Cortland/Syracuse/Ithaca region of NY is very neutral and uninterested in terms of an NFL team to root for. This is also a good PR move to reach out to an untapped fan base sort of speak.

I actually like the move for all of the above reasons.

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