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My fantasy team-


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I haven't followed baseball as close as I have in the past, so I just kind of winged it. Is it as bad as I think it is?

C- Victor Martinez

1B- Miguel Cabrera

1B- Todd Helton

2B- Freddy Sanchez

2B- Aaron Hill

SS- Orlando Cabrera

SS- Edgar Renteria

3B- Evan Longoria

OF- Jay Bruce

OF- JD Drew

OF- Johnny Damon

OF- Ichiro

OF- Ken Griffey

SP- Johan Santana

SP- Scott Kazmir

SP- Roy Oswalt

SP- Joba Chamberlain

SP- Chien Mien Wang

RP- Jonathan Papelbon

RP- Chad Qualls

RP- Huston Street

RP- Manny Corpas

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Sanchez and Victor Martinez should have bounce back years. I'm not sure about Helton, Hill, Renteria, Cabrera, or Griffey though. Your pitching looks good.

I think Hill is going to have a solid year, but will probably go with Sanchez to start the season. Renteria is back in the NL again, so hopefully he'll revert to his NL numbers. Cabrera is unspectacular, but usually okay. Helton and Griffey won't be active often, just on off days and in case they get hot for a stretch.

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