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What's up my (insert politically incorrect ethic slur here)'s?


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What if a couple of desperate housewives asked the questions instead. Maybe some more spiritual folks like that group that was once here that went by the moniker The Holy Trinity? Maybe they can ask the questions. Where are those guys anyway?

Yeah I am pretty sure that would actually be worse.

PASS. lol.

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I did see Smizzy. I saw him in the alley behind the 7-11 in Newburgh trying to sell the draft rights to Jimmy Rollins to some kid for 10 grand.

LOL. That is good to hear. Hopefully you didn't prepay next years league fee.

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post a picture .. not in a tight yankees t-shirt

BUT hold up a newspaper from today...

then maybe we will believe.. :P

I know how to find out if this is the Real Tom Shane- ask him where he slept at max's house.

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