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The LM BrettWagon is running on schedule tommorrow!


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Damm, missed a good one, shows you what the Broncos think of our 2nd rounder out of Joey Harrington's AlMamata! (Well you don't expect anyone but us Jet freaks to know anything about Rat.

But, it's OK.

We're back to the most insane thing a first year ever HC has ever done before,go into the season with a QB named Hope Maybe. Wow, the nutz on this guy. and little Schott has an even bigger pair, that's the only thing that tells me he sees something in one of these guys.

BTW, I still like the idea of trading TJ, his stock will NEVER be higher, we can ride him downhill while he whines about redoing his contract or we could bill him as the defending rushing champ and get more than he's worth. We could turn an average RB into more Leon touches(we ALL want that right?), a Big young RB(and we proved last year that any RB can run behind T-Rich and our line, look at 07 TJ and 08 TJ), and a Nice new reciever.

Lance bump material in green.

Lance idiot material in green.

Lance thinks Rat will be our guy, but now that I almost had filet mignon, the choice between meatloaf and salisbury steak doesn't look as inticing, ahhh F%$K IT! Go Ratliff!! Go Kellen! Go Ainge! One of you a-holes better save this season.

This is like 1999, but we were told by an oracle that Vinny would go down day one.

OK, guys,lets pretend we never wanted Kutler and give us your guts.

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