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the soveriegn

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what part of i am not 128 do you not understand

your a fool

go back to your soccer

you should have put

"i am not 128" in quotes.

and it's you're a fool. not your a fool.

and its football, not soccer.

And I call bullsh!t on you. If you are such a AF2 fan, why dont you post in the AF2 threads JR128 started?

Why do you show up only when JR128 is in trouble?

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no sir

last time i checked you werent a mod

so i dont have to do anythign you say and if you dont like it ead

First of all, dont call me sir.

Anyone who beats you up and calls you stupid should never be called sir.

Second of all, I am responsible for all unimportant sports. AF2 falls underneath my jurisdiction whether Im a mod or not. The mods have a lot of work to do and have asked for my help.

And no thanks. I dont like to EAD. However you seem to like to tell everyone to EAD. Therefore it must be something you enjoy.

Its real simple. Follow the rules here and you can post whatever you want. You broke the rules. So you get nothing. You lose. Good day!

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i wish borgo was a mod he was a rellay nice guy

and now arena football is coming back as arena football 1 starting in 2010

how about news of that gob

its very important football especially when the nfl isnt playing

Yeah, they've got the USFL that's coming back and that might be a little more important/better then arena football.

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