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MJ's son is going to be a Knight!!


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Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:07 pm EDT

Michael Jordan's son Marcus chooses ... Central Florida?

By Eamonn Brennan

ept_sports_ncaab_experts-898244537-1239123691.jpg?ymrrREBDfHha3HbiA certain amount of pressure comes with being an athlete's child. You're supposed to be just as good as pops (or mom) was, or even better, and if you're not, people wonder what went wrong. It's a tough life. Then again, if you're a former pro athlete's child, you're probably mind-blowingly wealthy, so the pity only goes so far.

Such is the case for Michael Jordan's sons, Jeffrey and Marcus. It is utterly impossible that they'll be as good as their father. Their father was the best basketball player of all time. They aren't. Instead, they're merely good: good enough to play in college, but not good enough to do much more than that.

It is with that context that the announcement of Marcus Jordan's collegiate choice -- the University of Central Florida -- came Monday. Many might see Jordan's name and wonder why he's not going to a premier school. Strategically, it's actually a pretty smart move. He was being recruited by a host of good programs, but nowhere truly "elite". A strong year at UCF could set him up for a Seth Curry-esque transfer to one of the big boys that might not have considered him straight out of high school. There are options here.

Anyway, such is the nature of being Michael Jordan's son. Marcus may never be as good as his father, but how many kids get college scholarships to play basketball? Not too shabby, when you really think about it

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