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Yankees vs. Royals @ Kauffman Stadium


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New York Yankees vs. Kansas City Royals


Tomorrow: Andy Pettitte (LHP) vs. Sidney Ponson (RHP) @ 4:10 PM

Saturday: CC Sabathia (LHP) vs. Horacio Ramirez (LHP) @ 7:10 PM

Sunday: Joba Chamberlain (RHP) vs. Gil Meche (RHP) @ 2:10 PM

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Heh, after the opening series ugliness, I'll settle for 2 of 3....loved to see the strong performance today though.

My thoughts exactly. I'd like to see some better situational hitting this series. The long ball is exciting and awesome but some well placed singles would be welcome as well.

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That's epic. Not fail.

Well I hope we can get some good pitching.

I'm not getting high on our last win... last year it was feast or famine with the hitting. We'd score 11, then the next 3 score 3. It'd be nice to see consistency and I'd love to see Swish continue to produce and fight his way into that line-up. Nady is a nice player but I'd rather see a high OBP guy who works counts. Nady fits right into Kevin Longs school of hitting of take, swing, swing out.

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Todays lineups and matchups:


  1. Jeter SS
  2. Damon LF
  3. Teixeira 1B
  4. Matsui DH
  5. Posada C
  6. Cano 2B
  7. Swisher RF
  8. Ransom 3B
  9. Gardner CF

Andy Pettitte LHP


  1. Crisp CF
  2. Aviles SS
  3. DeJesus LF
  4. Teahen RF
  5. Gordon 3B
  6. Butler DH
  7. Jacobs 1B
  8. Olivio C
  9. Callaspo 2B

Sidney Ponson RHP

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Nice start. We need Jorge to have a good year.

Vic, I remember you saying that you were from Chile. Is baseball big there?


But it's big in North Jersey where I grew up :D

Even though Swisher doesn't drive in the run there I like to see him work counts. Makes me feel the next time he's up he'll get a hit or draw the walk.

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Trying to protect, but didn't get a piece of it. I think he took two good pitches to hit earlier in the at bat.

Ah gotcha.

I"m on the radio as usual :(

As Norway said... I'd love to just work that count and get to that bullpen.

The truth is it felt like last year we were just taking first pitch strikes all year and pitchers stayed in 7-8 innings every night.

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goddamnit swisher.

I signed up for MLB Audio, it's like 30 bucks for the entire year. Due to the time difference I can listen to the day games at work :)

That's pretty sweet. I'll be getting the mlb.tv thing, but Extra Innings is free on Directv this week as a preview so I haven't signed up yet. I'm actually working late tonight because I took a 3 hour lunch to watch the game yesterday!

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