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Burglar Cat Stealing Underwear, Gloves From Homes

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A northern Idaho woman says she has a problem pet. She says her one-year-old cat is burglarizing neighbor's clothing.

"It's his fetish. He collects clothing mainly at night," owner Judy Waring said.

Waring's one-year-old feline named Jack started stealing clothing in October, CBS station KCNC-TV reported. As the belongings started piling up, Waring said she no longer felt comfortable staying quiet about her pet's habit.

Hats, shorts, underwear and 27 pairs of gloves are among the personal items Jack has nabbed.

Warning said she put all the clothing out on a clothesline in front of her house and encouraged her neighbor's to claim it.

Warning said she is not sure what she will do to curb Jack's habit. She may hire a pet psychic to come evaluate Jack.


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