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SJ Reviews: 'Observe and Report'..OK, I report it aint too good (2)


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Sadly, Seth Rogens latest comedy falls flat and even more so when compared to this months 'I Love You Man'.

There are a few laugh at loud moments, but the curse of almost all comedies sits in here as it just does not stay consistent.

There are lapses of boredom in this somewhat silly flick of a Mall cop whose quest to find a flasher takes him on a self awareeness journey. There are some funny spots as he trys to becoem a real cop and his fellow mall cops are somewhat amusing.

But there just inst enough of a story or character buy i nto make this awinning formula. Seth Rogen fans will probably be satiated enough, but trust me, its one of Seths worst, if not worst effort. Ray Liotta shows up for a paycheck i na lackluster performance to boot.

Wait for DVD.

2 stars_002.gif's

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This movie looks terrible... anything with that chick in it is terrible... I was sick of seeing the previews for it at the theater it was so bad... lol

Ya, thats why I went to The Great Buck Howard last night, in case I didnt make it out tonight. Not much up good now that I havent seen.

Buck Howard was good.

Saw the previews to Tarantinos and Brad Pitts WWII 'Inglorious Bastards '..man, the previews look fantastic and a very very edgy WWII kick the Krauts ass type of flick.

In the preview Pitt tells his platoon, 'You each owe me 100 Na zi scaps before I let you out of here'

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2 Stars? I was hoping you'd give it at least 3 SJ, but I think I will love it, so we'll see.

you may if a big rogen fan,,but no denying it does not deliver for the 90 minutes like his earlier flicks,,this one is on the low end of his work..but thats OK,,it happens...

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I usually like Liotta, but he's been awful lately.

Do yourself a favor and miss "In The Name of The King".

Ooof, I heard that sukked royal balls. Hehe.

However, not bad enough to be great. Just bad. There's a distinction, as a fellow fan of fine cinema knows. I saw 'The Wasp Woman' again last night (the original). Haha, awful. Hey, did you ever see 'The Last Man on Earth' (Vincent Price)? Well, who hasn't?!; but anyway, the scene where his stupid daughter keeps squinting and says, "Daddy! Cut the cake!" HAH, we say that around here, you know, whenever there's a cake. :)

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