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For the JN Cub fans -


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Am I the only one wishing public sodomy on Kevin Gregg?

Where did they find this sh!thooks? I could not care less what he did in spring training - I haven't seen anything better than 92 right down the pipe or walking guys on 4 pitches. Screw him ... get him outta here .... fu<ktard ... asshat ....

Ok I'm better now.

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Looks like you might be stuck with him pitching in the 9th for a while...


Knee concerns to affect Piniella's use of Gregg

MILWAUKEE - Cubs manager Lou Piniella is going to change how he uses Kevin Gregg. No, Carlos Marmol is not the closer despite finishing Saturday night's game and earning a save.

"Gregg is our closer; I said that last night," Piniella said Sunday. "Look, I found out an interesting piece of information on Gregg that I didn't know about. And that's that once I get him up and don't use him, his knee tightens up on him. So I can't get him up (when the Cubs are) down by 1 run and then all of a sudden I lose him for later on or he's not as effective later on.

"What you'll see, probably, from Gregg also, I won't use him at all in the eighth inning because he sits here. And then he goes out there and his knee 's a little tighter in the ninth. I wasn't aware of that. It was communicated to me by the trainer and by Gregg yesterday."

Gregg had surgery on his left knee during the off-season.

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