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FREE AGENCY : " Which teams have helped themselves the most in free agency ? " ~ ~ ~


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Why would the Lito TRADE be mentioned in a column about who helped themselves the most in FREE AGENCY?

Duh. :Nuts:

Yeah, I just noticed that when I went back to the main forum, I thought it was talking about best offseason.


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Bart Scott was the best signing of the lot.

I genuinely believe that.

Yup. Put David Harris next to Bart Scott and behind Kris Jenkins and guess what? The Jets run D will be elite. Pace and Gholston should make for a solid pass rush from the outside under Rex Ryan and our secondary should win us some games with players such as Revis, Rhodes and Sheppard all ball hawking and making plays.

Put it this way...Bart Scott makes this whole defense better.

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