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Phillies announcer Harry Kalas dies


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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Longtime Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas has died at age 73.

Team president David Montgomery announced the death Monday a short time after Kalas passed out in the broadcast booth before a game in Washington against the Nationals.

Montogomery's voice was cracking as he said that "we have lost our voice."

Kalas had been with the Phillies since 1971 and was known for his distinctive "Outta here!" home run call.

Kalas has also been doing voice over work for the NFL since 1975

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I met Harry on several occasions..

My Mom lived next door to and was good friends with Richie Ashburn in Tampa (his Florida home)..

Harry would pick up Bill Conlin and Richie every morning during Spring Training to go to the ballpark..

When I visited my Mom I could hear his voice bellowing out 'Hey Richie, Hey Bill, lets' go!!! (Conlin lived on other side of my mom)..I would obviously bolt out the front door and get the paper so I could say hello to all of them on way to ballpark..

They liked to make fun of my Mets allegiance (they would say at least your not a Yankees fan, and even though Richie was a Met for a cup of coffee) ...Nice guys , all of them, only Conlin left,,I am sure he will have anice column tomorrow talking about the Three Musketeers..they were all pretty close..

RIP Mr. Kalas

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Sad news.

I believe this is the same gentleman that narrated NFL films over the years.

I really liked the way he called games, both baseball and football. Talented guy, he will be missed.

That's correct, VO. RIP to a sports broadcasting legend.

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