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Need Your Help in some voting: Please read

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Hi everyone... got this from my brother-in-law Herman. He is looking for some help in voting for a friend's daughter for the Military Child Award.

I got a chance to meet his friend Bobby and the family last Memorial Day. He is an awesome guy and a great outlook on life even though he has been through hell defending our country. His family is unbelievably strong and were wonderful to meet.

Please read and if you would like to help, please click on the link and register and vote.



Please take a moment to read my note and make a difference that will cost you nothing but a few minutes.

If you know me and have read my info, you know I served with the 82nd Airborne 2002-2006. While stationed at Ft Bragg with the 782d MSB, I gained an extended family, and my "brother" Bobby has asked me for a little help. You might have noticed him in one of my profile pictures, if not I'll see if I can attach one to this note. He was blown up and burned to hell 2 years ago this Easter.

Bobby has an awesome family, and his daughter Brittany will be the first to go to college this coming fall. His daughter is a finalist in the 2009 Military Child Award presented by Lockheed Martin. If Brit gets enough votes she will get $5000. The following is an excerpt from the site I want you to visit:

The response to our Military Child Award has been tremendous. We received more than 450 nominations. While all of them are deserving of praise and recognition, our panel of judges has selected the top 10. Below are the finalists. Please vote for your favorites. You may vote for more than one nominee. Voting ends April 15, 2009. Our judges will select the winner from your top three nominees. The winner will be announced April 17, 2009.

Brit is in the Top 10. This is where you come in. Please visit:

www.operationhomefrontonline.com Read the website address carefully, operation, home, front, on, line, dot, com. Don't be like me and miss the word "on". Let me walk you thru the site.

You can now open a new tab and type in the website. After typing the address you will be on the homepage and scroll down about half way. On the right hand side you will see The 2009 Military Child Award box. Click on the box. It will take you to the military child child award nominees. Find Brittany's name, she's the only Brittany nominated. Click on her name. Feel free to read her bio and scroll to the bottom. Click on the Log in HERE if you would like to vote. You need to register, so click on that instruction. All you need to do is set up a username, your e mail address and password. then log in again and find the section for the 2009 military child award. It's really not that hard. Click on it, click on Brittany's name, and submit your vote for her.

I hope you followed my step by step instructions, and I apologize if I offended your computer prowess and intelligence.

On behalf of Bobby and his family, Thank You, and let's THANK HIM by voting for Brit. Airborne! All The Way!



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She sounds like one hell of a girl-

Brittany Wallace, daughter of Robert & Connie Henline, is a 17 year old senior at Cole High School at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. On her father's 3rd tour to Iraq, Staff Sergeant Henline was hit by a road-side bomb on a convoy logistical patrol. He sustained 38% full-surface burns to his head and face and lost the use of his left arm. Because of his critical condition, his wife Connie had to leave the children at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina for 3 months where Brittany immediately stepped-up to take responsibility for maintaining the family routine with her two younger siblings. Brittany was 15 years old at this time. During the absence of her parents and while her father was in critical condition, Brittany helped with the daily chores, assisted with grocery shopping, and made sure that her younger siblings completed homework and maintained a sense of continuity in the family. Brittany and her siblings were then relocated to Texas due to the length of their father's recovery. Once arriving in Texas, Brittany enrolled in her third high school, was awarded a provisional license at 15 years of age due to the family's extenuating circumstances, at which point she did the grocery shopping, drove her siblings to school, and took them to needed medical appointments so that her mother could remain at the bedside of her severely injured father. Following Staff Sergeant Henline's 6 month stay in the hospital, Brittany continued to help her mom with these duties as it took her mom 4 hours per day of wound care and daily appointments with her husband for the first year of his recovery. Brittany also assisted her family with moving out of the Guest House at Brooke Army Medical Center to a permanent home in San Antonio. During this time, Brittany also maintained a high grade point average in school and assisted other families of wounded warriors by taking care of their children while the spouses were at the hospital for surgeries and other appointments. Brittany has always put the needs of others above her own social activities. Brittany will be graduating in June 2009 and has been accepted at the University of Northern Colorado. In addition, Brittany has been accepted as a Student Ambassador with People to People Program this summer. Through all of these challenges, Brittany has remained a postive, enthusiastic, and responsible young lady who is committed to her family and helping others in times of need. Being a military child has given Brittany life experiences that make her accepting of others and different situations. But, the challenges that she has faced with a severely injured family soldier has given her strength and commitment that few people possess. Brittany is an excellent example of how a special person can take a severe hardship and turn it into an opportunity to find the best in yourself and others. Brittany is truly an American hero like her father and family and deserves the recognition that so many times goes unnoticed.
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The link isnt working and I cant find it on the home page.

Scroll down the hompage until you see sidebar on the righthand side that is titled "Features." The second box below this is the "2009 Military Child Award."

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Hey everyone... a little update:

from my brother-in-law:

Here' a follow up and a picture of Brittany with her Daddy. Thanks to everyone who voted and all the good wishes. I added my 2 cents in parenthesis.

Brittany was nominated by the chapter president of Operation Homefront of

Texas, Jennifer Cernoch. Jennifer has been impressed with

Brittany's kind heart and positive outlook over the past two years as her

father has continued to undergo treatment at BAMC (Herman translates-Brooke Army Medical Center).

Jennifer logged on to our online community for military wives and women in uniform, OH Online (www.homefrontonline.com) to nominate her with a detailed essay describing

all of Brittany's hard work, sacrifice and accomplishments. We received more

than 460 nominations. Staff at Operation Homefront narrowed that pool down

to a top 10, which we posted on OH Online so members could vote for their

three favorites. Then a panel of judges voted on the top three and selected

Brittany as the grand prize winner. Though this was not revealed to the

judges prior to their decision, Brittany also actually garnered the highest

number of votes from our site members (Herman says this really is a shout out to all you guys that voted).

Our selection criteria included the child's circumstances, hardships,

challenges overcome, community activities and the example he or she sets for

others. We were really moved by Brittany's giving nature, her commitment to

her family as well as other wounded warrior families, and all that she's

accomplished despite the challenges of her situation. She is an exceptional

young lady who is determined to make the most and the best of her

circumstances. It was really inspiring to talk to her, to hear her describe

her father's injuries as a blessing because it has brought her family


So that is a follow up on Brittany, once again thanks for the good wishes and votes.


Once again... thanks everybody!

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