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Happy Birthday to LonestarLady (LSL)


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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

Still at work but it's been a quiet work day so far. I guess the "excitement" will come later. ;)

Even my 84-year-old mother (bless her) told me that even though I'm her youngest, I'm now officially old. Gotta love moms who know how to make their kids feel good. :biggrin:

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Happy to the most esteemed female poster on this site.

Does that mean "oldest"? :biggrin:

Thanks, everyone!

Did you know that today is also Bill Bellicheat's birthday? I'd rather share my birthday with Charlie Chaplin (his today, too) but since it's a Jets board, I had to point out BB's birthday, and yes, he's still a scumbag!

Cheers, and hope you all have a great Friday!

Only 9 days until the draft! :yahoo::cheergal:

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