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Yankee Fans Displeased With Pepsi

Lil Bit Special

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Our Director of Campaign Strategy, Matt, just passed me this video he uploaded to YouTube (ignore the flowers) involving an angry mob in New York. Apparently Pepsi promised 250 Yankee tickets along with a chance to meet recent hall of famer, Goose Gossage on opening day for a historic opening game at the new Yankee Stadium.

However, curve balls were already being thrown hours before the game even started and yet it was Pepsi who struck out. Strike one, the location of the giveaway event was moved three blocks down causing a dangerous mad dash across Time Square. Strike two, only 100 tickets were given out and to add insult to injury those tickets were for a game in June. And strike three, the chance to get loose with the Goose was nothing more than a wave from the legendary Yankee relief pitcher from his limo.


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