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Jets' Draft Strategy

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Every general manager has his own personal style when it comes to the draft. Some will draft more based on need while others consistently take the best available player.

In his three years as General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum has shown a propensity for trading up to fill needs, especially in the early rounds. Last year he moved up to snag Dustin Keller at the bottom of the first and moved up two years ago to grab Darrelle Revis and David Harris in consecutive rounds.

Tannenbaum has also moved down. In 2006 he traded down in the second round, picked up extra picks from Washington then moved back up to get Kellen Clemens. Many of his moves appear to be driven by obtaining players he has targeted but getting them at spots with the most value.

Overall Tannenbaum has broken even. He has traded 15 picks and acquired 15 picks over a three-year period but he usually looks to move up in the early rounds

I would like to see him collect picks with more regularity. The more picks you have, the greater your margin of error. In addition, extra picks in later rounds often allow you to fill out your roster with back ups and special teams players.

Teams that continually trade away picks (the Washington Redskins are a prime example) consistently lack depth on their roster and get killed when a starter goes down with an injury.

Although the Jets are better off than the Redskins, they still lack depth along their offensive and defensive lines and in their secondary. Now that the team has good talent among its starters, Tannenbaum would be better served with a philosophy that emphasizes moving down and obtaining extra selections. This would allow him to round out the depth on his roster.

With the 17th selection, there does not appear to be a player the Jets are targeting based on need. Many fans would love to see them take Mark Sanchez but there is no way he will drop to 17.

In many early mock drafts he was slotted to the Jets but his pro day and personal workouts were so impressive that he is now considered a top-10 pick and could go as high as #4 to Seattle.

When it comes to Sanchez, the likely scenario for the Jets is to wait and see if he drops down to Jacksonville at #8 because the Jaguars have reportedly been interested in trading their pick. Moving up from 17 to 8 is much more realistic for the Jets than moving into the top 5.

With only six picks, they lack the ammunition to get up there. To move up that far, they would have to surrender at least three other picks including their 2nd and 3rd rounders this year

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The way I look at the draft for the Jets is try to look at trends, ie. the general gut feeling about the Jet needs. Last year the Jets had Favre - at that time a minimum two year window to win. Therefore, in retrospect, trying to get a talented pick (by trading up for Keller) that would help Favre immediately now makes sense. The down side - it didn't help the Jets longterm, ie. loss of draft picks and therefore compromising depth.

I agree that MT will pull the string and trade up if the Jet value of that player is much higher than the current draft position and a much better player than where the Jets will pick - see Revis.

Given Ryan's philosophy, controlled offense (anything more is gravy) with a superior defense, he will not hesitate to obtain a defensive talent if it is there for the taking and wants to build up the trenches - OL and DL. The Jets have six picks. Are they happy with six picks? Are they willing to make it 4 or 5 picks by trading up or do they want more picks?

I believe the Jets want more picks and they will do everything in their power to obtain them as long as it doesn't compromise their board, ie., If a top 5 rated talent as determined by the Jets falls to them at #17 they will pick that guy and not trade down for the sake of trading down. However, this is unlikely to happen and, therefore, will trade down if they can get a partner and pick up an xtra 4th or 5th round pick. I still feel Dallas with all their draft picks and a desire to get into the 1st round is a possible draft day trading partner with the Jets.

One thing the Jets will not do is trade up for Sanchez - no way no how. It will cost them 2 picks - a 2nd and a 4th which then leaves them with Sanchez, #76, a 6th, and a 7th. Absolutely no way. The Jets end up with 4 "unproven" potential NFL Qb talents and therefore are no further along, not to mention just 4 draft picks this year- ugh!

The Jets are mentioned above as talking to teams about what it will take to trade up - this doesn't mean it is for Sanchez. All this is, is MT doing his due diligence to cover all bases and scenarios on draft day.

Look for the Jets to get more picks by trading down. If they do not trade down that means that the #17 pick was HIGHLY rated by the Jets or they couldn't find a willing trade partner. This draft will be characterized by the Jets being patient and letting the board play out. They will try to build up the trenches and that will include drafting an immediate impact TE.

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The types of players the Jets will be looking for will possess many of the same attributes they sought under Eric Mangini. Rex Ryan will want guys with good character, were productive in college, have a passion for the game, play with toughness, and are physical and competitive.

With the defensive players in particular, Ryan will place an emphasis on toughness. He wants guys who will punish their opponent and I expect him to come away from this draft with at least a couple of those players.

I don't expect the Jets to change their draft philosphy much. Tannenbaum is still making the picks. It will be interesting to see if they stop making sure every prospect is a choir boy and I think that Ryan will place more emphasis on speed. That's based both on the type of team I think Ryan likes and the Jets present weakness.

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Last year's draft was in April. We got Favre in August. The rest of the analysis therefore goes out the window.

It's amazing what happens to an old brain. I still feel the Jets where in a more win now mentality draft last year for whatever reason, ie. just a few tweaks will do it so to speak.

I don't think my blunder or false assumption makes the rest of it "go out the window". It certainly causes the 1st paragraph to have a few problems.

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