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Arkansas QB Casey Dick Has A Try Out At Jets Camp

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Mortensen Signs Deal, Dick Gets Tryout

By Alex Abrams

The Morning News/Razorback Central

Posted Apr 27, 2009

Former Arkansas quarterback Alex Mortensen has agreed to a two-year deal with the Tennessee Titans, and four-year starter Casey Dick has been invited to a tryout with the New York Jets.

Adelqui Bou

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Obviously new to JN. Otherwise how can you explain leaving "Dick" out of the title?

Not sure what you mean about 4 QBs, but this is the fifth I know of. Sanchez, Clemens, Ainge, and the UDFA from Harvard, Chris Pizzoti.

Though they could use the work, I'm pretty sure that Clemens and Ainge don't have to show up for the rookie camp.

That leaves Sanchez, Dick, Pizzotti and supposedly a fourth rookie.

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Ainge Beats Dick In QB Competition

JETS Dick Hurts Neck

A hush came over the crowd as the JETS Dick went limp after being blindsided from behind ....

Dick: No Hard Feelings After Being Cut

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Monday Morning POST headline...

"JETS love Dick"

"Dick, growing on JETS"

Any others? Cmon this is so easy!

Crowd cheers as Dick comes on field.

After roster cuts Jets are now dickless

Jets have a limp Dick

Dick needs has trouble handling balls.

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