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Yankees vs. Angels @ Yankee Stadium

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Tomorrow: RHP A.J. Burnett (2-0, 5.47) vs. RHP Anthony Ortega (0-1, 7.20) @ 7:05 PM

Friday: LHP Andy Pettitte (2-1, 2.96) vs. RHP Jered Weaver (2-1, 2.45) @ 7:05 PM

Saturday: LHP CC Sabathia (1-2, 4.73) vs. RHP Matt Palmer (1-0, 6.00) @ 1:05 PM

Sunday: RHP Phil Hughes (1-0, 0.00) vs. LHP Joe Saunders (3-1, 3.41) @ 1:05 PM

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Alfredo Aceves hurled eight scoreless innings to win for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on Wednesday.

Aceves was a big disappointment this spring, but whatever ailed him then and at the start of the regular season seems to have gone away. After giving up 10 earned runs over nine innings in his first two starts for Scranton, he's pitched 14 2/3 scoreless innings his last two times out. The Yankees might soon choose to try him as a middle reliever.


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Bobby Abreu should get a nice ovation tonight, I think he was a more than solid #3 hitter for us for 2 and half seasons, another trade Cashman gets no credit for.

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Great win. Pena and Melky with big hits in the eighth. It always feels good to beat the Angels.

I think Melky is going to be in center for the foreseeable future.

He's been earning it.

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Personally I think they both suck, Melky will eventually come down to earth, and start batting .250, and there will be no change in Gardner's performance. I'm just waiting for A-Jax.

Word. He's tearing it up down there.

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Is it possible that Cabrera could just be having a breakout year?

Possibly, but I doubt it. Melky is playing well right now and has earned the job in center. Personally, I don't think either him or Gardner are very good. They're just keeping the seat warm until Austin Jackson arrives.

Hopefully those two can put together a decent season between them so the Yanks don't have to go out and get someone to play center before the trade deadline.

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