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I've been told I was nothing but a big bully when I was a mod on JI. Then when half the board followed EY, BergenJet and myself over here and they reinstated all the banned posters they said I tormented (but really because they lost about 1000 posts a week initially), only one of the reinstated had been banned by me at any time and that was that worthless no good piece of **** MACPAC.

YOU banned that **** MacPac at JI ? ...........God bless you Klecko. :biggrin:

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Woody - "I need you to play nice and act like Kellen has a shot at the Job, It is the only way people will believe our smokescreen lies next off season."

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Woody - Donde esta ba la cooka racha por favor mucho bueno del pablo picaso

Mark - What the Fu.. I'm American you dumbass.


Best one so far.

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Woody: "I used to be a priest you know"...

Sanchez: "I know the drill. Put my hands behind my back and lick my lips".

Woody: "Thats right son. You're about to find our why my name is Woody. Now walk with me to the sidelines, we'll put Kellen in to replace you".

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