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Driving Up Post Counts


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How am I obsessed with her? It wasn't like I typed this from her driveway or anything.

Geez I at least waited until I was on the next block. Get over yourself.

Max is right Verde...

He texted a block over, and then when she gave OK, he went to her house for his photo-op


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"All projections provoke counter-projection when the object is unconscious of the quality projected upon it by the subject."


This means you read the link and therefore were curious.. :rl:

See a shrink..

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As most of you know, I gave Jetsbabe a free VIP membership to help drive up post counts. This move cost us as many long time esteemed female posters Bren, Verde, GG, Garb were alienated by this free agent signing.

We are in the budget process right now and I want to throw this out to the group. Should Jetsbabe receive another free VIP? Is she doing a good job of driving up post counts?

Should she be replaced with someone (possibly a new female poster like ladyjetsfan420) that would do a better job in this capacity?

Please share your thoughts.

I would resign her, but with some stipulations, namely a large increase in the number or bikini and italian pastry with cleavage pics that are posted.

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