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Jason Bay


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He needs to be re-signed ASAP.


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Manny went through his not trying phases just about every year but did he ever noit try in postseason or when games mattered? That was when he was cute and cuddly "Manny being Manny" but now he's a villain despite delivering 2 Championships to a team that hadn't seen one since the teens. if he's on the team last october you have a better chance to win it all and w/o him you didn't do it- the trade so far for me has been a success froma Yankee fan perspective. If Boston wins more Championships and Bay is a reason why then it will have been a great trade.

That is the great unknown about last season.

What we do know, the team played better without Manny. They hit for a higher average and scored more runs. Now, that could have been a residual effect of trying to prove they could move on without Manny. Or it could be he was becoming a distraction.

The same thing happened in 2004 with Nomar. It was not so much that the replacement (Bay or Mientkiewicz) were better, but the club house was better without the distraction of that one player.

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You seem to forget that he had done this before. I think it goes back as far as '03, he'd go through it about every year then get over it and he'd play great and helped Boston win alot of games.

The ARod trdae was a terrible trade for us, ARod has never done anything meaningful for us like manny did for you. We had gone to 6 WS in 8 years before we got ARod, we haven't been to one since.

Jason Bay has been great for Boston but you gave up your best hitter for him. A player that was a key to Championship runs. I loved the trade as a Yankee fan at the time and I still do. Until you win again and until he helps you win again I will feel that way.

The Sox were never going to break even with a Manny trade. Pujols is the only bat that can replace Manny. If the Cardinals ever let him leave, they should lose that franchise.

Anyways back to my point, like I said, short of Pujols no one was going to replace Manny. You might be able to replace the power. You might be able to replace the hitting, but it is unlikely you are going to find a .330-35 HR-130 RBI guy teams are willing to trade.

The team also has some rights as well. As you said, it had been going back to 2003. It is obvious the team wanted to be rid of him when they gave him an irrevocable waivers and no one took a shot at him. Every year just as sure as there is a spring and summer there was some Manny drama on wanting to leave Boston.

The Sox FO does not have to bend over and take it in the shorts even if he is immensely talented. I do not care if it is a team sport or managing an office environment, sometimes it is better to let the talented head case go just so the rest of the team/office can perform better without all the BS.

Bay is not as talented as Manny, but Francona knows what he has and what he can do. He knew what he had in Manny as well, but he did not know day to day if he was getting 100% Manny, 50% Manny or Shut it down Manny.

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The Sox did a good job of getting what they got for Manny but they are still weaker w/o Manny.

That talented head case was a HUGE reason you won 2 Championships, w/o him I'm not sure you do and I'm sure you'd rather have 2 w/o him than none w/ him, right?

No doubt.

And I thinking your rationale is why the Yankees are in trouble.

I will forever be thankful for Manny's performance. My fondest live baseball moment is when Manny cranked a home run in KC one time. He absolutely crushed the ball.

With that being said, the 2008 Manny was not the Dodger's Manny. In 80 total games with the Dodgers, Manny hit for a higher average with more HRs and RBIs then his last 100 games with Boston in '08. It is not like he was surrounded by more talent or playing in a more hitter friendly park.

The 2008 Manny is not the same Manny from 1999-2004. You can deal with Manny's idiosyncrasies when he mashing .340-40HRs-140 RBIs every season.

However, when he is an ass clown and only hitting .300-20HRs-100 RBIs, well you are no longer untouchable. Those are still nice numbers, but they are replaceable numbers.

I do not care Manny wanted to leave Boston. It was obvious from his play, his time was done. Thanks for the memories and do not let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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He would have turned into the Dodgers Manny which was the Sox Manny in most years. After the deadline he would have gone back to normal like he always did.

Manny wasn't in a walk year, they had an option. They made a great move considering the circumstances BUT they still lost their best and most feared hitter. Boston is not as good w/o manny as they were w/ him.

Are you sure?

The Sox could have rolled the dice and hope Manny goes back to "Manny being Manny".

Or he could have stayed the "cancer" as Papelbon called him. Or, as Tek, Ortiz and Lowell said, it was time for him to go because he had a different agenda then that of the team's.

It is not like the Sox FO just made an irrational decision and traded him at a whim. I am willing to bet they talked to the team leaders and asked them what they thought knowing they are trading 70 cents on the dollar.

While no one threw him under the bus at the time, Paps did it in March, everyone said it was the right thing to do. This was a team trying to defend the title with injured players playing and Manny being an ass clown taking days off with phantom knee issues.

Just for the record, the Sox were 61-48 his last season before the trade. They are 56-29 since.

And lets talk about the alternative. Keep Manny. Let him walk, doubtful. Or pick up his 20 million option and sabotage his chance at free agency. Yeah, I see that going over real well. Then trying to trade him when you have no leverage. In a pennant race, they had a little leverage. That would be gone come the off season. Seeing no one really chased him, but the Dodgers and that was after they had him. The market would have been even drier.

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The Cancer was a leader on 2 Championship teams playing for a team that won exactly ZERO in the previous 86 years. he had been pulling this crap for years, they weren't calling him a Cancer when he was a WS MVP, were they? It's easy to rationalize after the fact but the fact is Boston was better w/ Manny than they are now w/ Bay.

Manny always whined, always acted like a kid for stretches then turned it on. he did it in '04, he did it in '07 and you won Championships in a place no one thought you could win in.

You want to compare records last year w/ Manny and since the trdae look at the difference in the Dodgers record. They were 54-54 last year pre trade and until Manny got suspended they were 51-32.

No one disputes his contributions. They do not matter though.

Last year's cancer was different then all the others.

Previously, he was still under contract and not on the verge of free agency.

His only play to be a FA, his and Boars' goal, was to be a poison pill in the club house, a cancer. He wanted to be such a cancer the Sox would not want to pick-up his option.

It is a business. The Sox did not have increments of $35, $54, $76 and $98.5 million remaining on his contract as they had the previous four years during his bitch fits. It was time to move him. Risking him not being an ass clown was worth it.

Plus, Manny was a lot of things, but he was never a leader. A leader does not fake injuries. A leader does not tank or any of the long list of things Manny did to get out of Boston. If that is your example of a leader you have a seriously warped perspective.

If you want to pay for a contributor to 2 title teams that is declining. You pay money to Tek. He wanted more money, but you did not seem him do any of the things Manny did. Even after he got boned by Boras, he came back to Boston and you have not heard a word out of him wanting to be paid.

The fact is Boston was better with the Manny that tried. The one that faked injuries and tanked his last few seasons wore out his welcome. time for him to go irregardless of his rings.

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