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G.O.B. Is Currently "Reevaluating" The Current Use Of A Visor On His Hockey Helmet

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OUCH !! It coulda been higher and been worse. Visor? Yeah maybe it's time Pat. ;) Take care.

Yeah, my visor protects most of my nose and my eyes, but not my jaw, teeth & chin. I just can't stand a full face shield but we'll see. The nice part is the center on my line is an oral surgeon, so he took me to his place and sewed me up.

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Nothing beats 7 stitches to the chin at 12:30 in the morning. :character0183:

Maybe one should keep his head up. Then one would not be knocked on his ass. :Nuts:

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I couldn't be an equipment manager for the Red Wings.

The skills of professional hockey players are absolutely unbelievable.

i dont know much about ice hockey, i tried following the san jose sharks but i think jets and yankees have been bringing enuff pain for me latley.

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