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Today....anyone attending?


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Having the ribbon cutting ceremony 8 hours after the store opens is a little anti-climactic, no?

But not uncommon. Store is opening on a weekday. Little point in waiting until 6 pm to unlock the doors. But many potential customers are at work.

So you open at 10 am. Those who are not at work or otherwise busy who want to be the first to see it can show up at the opening. Others might check out the place at lunch. But the real goal is to get folks to come to the festivities at 6 pm and head to the store for an hour or two and buy some stuff after work but before heading home.

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I went. It was cool. Had to stand out in the rain a little bit because the store was crowded. Jenkins, Mangold, and Woody were there. I bought a Jet football and had all 3 sign it (yes, even Woody). D'Brick may have come after I left, but he wasn't there when I was there (btwn 6-6:30).

WPIX was there interviewing the players and taking pictures.

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