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SHAQ mocking EMINEM?


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NBA player-turned-rapper Shaquille O'Neal has weighed in on Eminem's Relapse landing atop the charts and spoke on the contribution he made to the biggest debut of the year.

The rapper phoned into DJ Whoo Kid's radio show and voiced his thoughts on Slim Shady.

"Congratulations to my man Eminem," Shaq said. "600,000 for the first week and I bought 300,000 of those. Of course dawg, I bought 300,000 and passed 'em out, like 'Yo this is my man Em, check him out.' You know good thing about me is I know everybody, I show supprot to everybody and you know, street rule number 25 is stay outta other people's beef. You guys make me who I am 'cause I could throw in the CD in the jammie, get pumped up and blow up in the fools' face. Today is old school wack white boy week, I got Vanilla Ice [in the CD player.] (Radio Planet TV)

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