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Better runningback: Jim Brown or Fred Taylor?


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Kevin Faulk - 3 rings

Curtis Martin - 0 rings

Do the math.

So just following the same logic:

Mark Rypien-1 ring

Brad Johnson-1 ring

Trent Dilfer-1 ring

Doug Williams-1 ring

Jim Sorgi-1 ring

Doug Pederson-1 ring

Bubby Brister-2 rings

Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon-0 rings combined

Man, if only the Buffalo Bills had Jim Sorgi in his prime. Can you imagine how many rings that team could have gotten? It boggles the mind to think about it.

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Charlie Tolar

Most of the guys here aren't old enough to remember him a 5-6" if he was walking on stilts. Was like trying to tackle a bowling ball and he was running behind possibly the biggest line in the league.

Haven't read all the posts but Jim Brown was about 225-230 (probably the equivalent of 260 today) as powerful a back as there was in the league and had sprinter's speed.

Fred Taylor was good but could only dream of carrying Brown's jockstrap.

The Giants were the only team, as I recall, that had any success in stopping him and that was only because Sam Huff, a pretty fair FBer had one assignment-stay with Brown wherever he goes. If Brown went the the bathroom-Huff was there the hand him the paper.

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Have you figured out which team you're rooting for this year yet?


hey, very original :)

if you were Ghost or THaijet maybe you'd get a reaction of of me. but you're just trying to fit in around here huh? here's a tip: Gay moderator jokes are a nice ice-breaker.

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