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So I threw an egg at some dooshie's house last night...


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I was in Maine last night for GOD knows what reason, so naturally I got bored and went for a walk. I came across this town called "JET LAND" so I figured "that sounds interesting" and I walked in. As I'm walking down this one block, I pass this house (keep in mind this is about 12:28 in the morning) and there is this absolute ASSH0LE blasting some god awful rap music by some guy who claims he's Crooked I, and watching the Man Show. I was thinking, "come on, people are trying to sleep in this quiet town. I'm gonna teach this retard a lesson" So I went to the store up the block, and I bought a dozen eggs. I saw this big, fat, ugly cat sitting by one of the windows of the house. So naturally I aimed for it. I launched from about 15 feet & SPLAT!! Perfect hit. Than I ran away. The end.

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