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Better Defensive player? Jets Joe Klecko or Pats Richard Seymour?


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Close call..Klecko much more versatile, Seymour had a few pure All Pro selections..But in the end, I would want versatility, therefore, I vote Joe Klecko!!!!

Joe Klecko:

1st defensive player in the NFL to be chosen for the Pro Bowl at 3 different positions (DE-1981, DT-1983/84 and NT-1985)

Richard Seymour:

Seymour has played in five Pro Bowls, has been named to four All-Pro teams

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Because FF2 is way smarter than that, but he made an idiotic post.

I'm trying to help posters raise their game.

How's that workin' out? :D

Gastineau was better than Klecko anyway.

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