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What was your first car?


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1985 Subaru XT Turbo with part time 4WD. It was a standard with the 4WD button located on the top of the stick shift.

It was originally purchased in Canada so it only had km/h on the speedometer so I never knew exactly what speed I was traveling in MPH unless I was on the Highway (100 k/mh is approx 60 MPH)

The one I had looked similar to this.


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1973 Plymouth Fury III - the first car I drove to get my license and throughout high school. The biggest damn car and I'm only 5' 1". Had to use pillows, what a boat.

Something like this in beige. It had blinkers on the hood, the hood was so big.

I can't remember the first car I bought, which was in college - some used pale yellow piece of crap that I totaled soon afterward. I then bought a brand new 1980 Chevy Citation. Woo-hoo!

You say that as if it were a bad thing. :biggrin:

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first car was a fiat 850, semi-automatic .. it was my grandma's.. this is what it looked like, but in cherry red! great car!


first car i bought was a used chevy vega $450.. one great aspect of it was i had to add water and oil every 30 miles! :lol:


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1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille...got it as a gift from family friends

Thing was a beast....had a 496 in it

Cool car, JonE!

My step-father had a dark green Cadillac, not sure of the make but about the same year as yours. I drove it to my junior prom in 1975, since my boyfriend at the time was younger and didn't have a car/license. How romantic!

He wanted me to drive his drunk buddy home after the prom - again with the romance - and I ended up driving the car into some ruts and scratching the sides. My step-dad of one year was not pleased.

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blue chevy caprice. everyone thought I was undercover :D

it was great at night on the highways, people would get out of my way because of the shape of the headlights and outline of the car.

I always made great time !

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My father bought a used 1998 black Ford Taurus and that was the first car I drove when I got my license at 17.

My first car (the first car I bought for myself) was a new 2000 Nissan Altima. I kept it in great condition until I got married and my wife drove it into the ground.


First car-1973 Pontiac Grand Prix. An engine with a car attached. Simply ran down anything on the road. Way much more fun than-

I also owned the 1998 Ford Taurus. Which was basically an experiment in how to make the crappiest electrical system in any vehicle known to man. Try driving from Rehoboth Beach to NYC without AC in fear that the power would shut down again. Heard the CEO of Ford extolling resurrecting the Taurus, but suspct anyone that ever owned one would never buy another.

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1972 Lincoln Mark IV. It was my Uncles, after he passsed my Aunt gave it to me. Awesome car. Power everything, but nothing worked. Had a moonroof you had to open with a crow bar. My friends had to lay on the ground and watch the gas as we filled it because it had a crack in the gas tank. Thing was awesome. It sat for about 7 years before she gave it to me. I loved that car.

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My frist wheels ? 1961 Chevy Impala Hardtop. Roman Red and white with red and white interior. 283 with posi. Bought it with my own money ( $400) in 1968. Frame rotted out about 4 years later. :(


Love the 58-65 My fav is the 63 SS this is my old man after the kids are gone dream car!


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1971 Plymouth Roadrunner. (this isn't the actual car)


It took me a couple months to get it running, then after about a month it caught on fire and I never drove it again.

OMG, what a honey. You must have been crushed losing that beauty. Wow, is that car gorgeous.

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When I got my license the family leased a 93 mercury sable LS in forest green and that became my car. I beat the hell out of that thing and in the end it was in pretty bad condition after 2 years.


In 95 I got MY first car. I had just graduated and going to school but working a lot of hours so I did what any 18 year old with a little too much money would do, I leased a new 95 Mustang GT in rio red. Man that thing was fun! I really really really beat the hell out of that, going through maybe a dozen tires in 2 years and a LOT of points and suspensions on my license in NY/NJ/CT/PA/DE/MD/DC. After making my first 2 payments I was diagnosed with cancer so couldn't work, but pops did the right thing and took care of the payments for 2 years until the lease was up.


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